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Welcome to cohesionVerde.info!
Cohesion is a now Mecklenburg County Wipe Out Waste Ambassador! PDF Print E-mail


Written by Mel @CohesionMrktg   

It is with Pride and Honor that we display the Wipe Out Waste logo as a symbol of our businesses ongoing commitment to environmental sustainment.

When I first started my company in 2004 I had much to learn but one of the bits of knowledge I brought with me was my commitment to running a "Green" business and the knowledge that in helping others grow their businesses and brand could be done much more effectively and efficiently than what I had been seeing.

Several books,white papers and many happy clients later we at Cohesion can proudly say we are still living the vision we hope to see. If you are new on the path to living and doing business the Eco-friendly way, I encourage you to browse the site and/or contact us.

We salute The City and County of Charlotte NC as a leader in this Green movement and invite you to come along!

Cohesion is a Mecklenburg County Wipe Out Waste Ambassador

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Written by Dawna Lucia   

I have been in love with the earth since my earliest memory.  My grandfather owned a home and 100 acres surrounded on all sides by Pa. state Forest Land.  We called it "the farm" because that is what it once was, although we didn't live there year round and didn't farm it.  It was totally off the grid and 3 miles to the nearest house.  I loved exploring the meadows, walking in the woods and swimming in the creek.  I caught tadpoles and watched them develop into frogs and even had a pet black snake that I named Janet.  My grandfather and I would sit outside on summer nights and listen to the Whip-Poor-Wills and he would say"why would anyone want to be in the city when he can have this?
As a young adult in the early 70s, I became aware  of environmentalism and the damage we humans have been doing to the earth.   I believed EVERYTHING I read and was told by people in what was yet to be called "the green movement. I read Frances Lappe Moore's books and dabbled with vegetarianism.  "an acre of land used to grow cattle feed could feed many starving people" became my mantra.  I felt sooo superior to the masses who just didn't "get it."  Fast forward to the last few years.  I admit that I'm now often confused as well as disheartened.  Al Gore was one of my heros.  Then I learned he had clay feet!  As his extavagant lifestlye luxurious mansions and ridiculous energy consumption became publicized, I started to think "what a hippocrite!"  Now I'm taking a closer look at theories that say global warming is primarily man made, and scrutinizing the people who espouse them.  For example, is it really ALWAYS bad for us and the enviornment to eat meat?   Maybe not.  And lets look at soy, which has been toted as the best health food since sliced whole wheat bread.  Is that true?  Maybe not.  And how about ethanol!  they're already announcing that not only is it NOT helping the environment, it may be worse than regular gasoline! 
I still love the Earth, and I still believe that many things we humans do are harming our precious environment, but I am more closely examining  these popular theories presented to us as facts, and trying to use common sense and reason.  Even the term "Green" has become a slogan that is making many people very rich, often at the epense pf the very environment they claim they are protecting.  In this column I will be relaying information as I obtain, voicing my opinions and asking for yours.


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